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Posted on 16 October 2017

Depeche mode? No Sir, Not here!

Although the term Depeche mode is misunderstood, it was largely associated with manufacturing apparel at a quick pace. Firms that turned out gazillions of pieces of fashion “merchandise” were branded with that term. Depeche mode or “hurried fashion” was similar with fast food. Just like fast food, it lacked attention to detail and was hurried along to consumers burdened with time limits and equally limited imaginations.

An exquisitely crafted article cannot be “Depeche moded”. It is unnatural and unhealthy. The term craft, in and of itself, is synonymous with perfection. Time is of the essence when dealing with fine and luxurious articles.

A beautifully designed cashmere coat, made from fine Italian cashmere and crafted by dedicated professionals we partner with at is the end product of the process. No hurried fashion will ever replace the genuine attention to detail, the beautiful design of the coat or the beauty of the Italian cashmere fabric that translates into a hand sewn cashmere coat from the artisans at

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