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FAQ about our ladies cashmere coats.

Frequent asked questions about our cashmere coats.

  • What is Kokino?
    Established in 1998, Kokino catered mostly to department stores and niche boutiqes all over the US and Canada. In 2000, when we started selling online, Kokino focused exclusively on making high end, made to measure cashmere outerwear.
  • Why Kokino?
    Kokino is the Greek word for the color red which is associated with passion. We are passionate about our work and about what we do.
  • How does the process work?
    By visiting our site, you had searched for a cashmere coat. Many of our clients stumble upon our site and instead of buying any coat, they end up having an original design cashmere coat made for them. You can start with taking your measurements, then after answering all your questions and you feel satisfied, you can submit your information and your order online or by calling us, 1 866 956 0507.
  • Made to measure?
    Absolutely, we do not keep stock except for our photo shoot samples that we offer at a reduced price. 
    You simply visit our catalog page, choose a design that appeals to you, visit the SIZE GUIDE on the product page style you chose, submit your measurements through the Contact us link or on the check out page where it says: "Please leave special instructions below", place your order and we begin making your very own coat, from scratch.
  • Are the coats lined?
    Yes, the coats are lined with Satin lining.
  • How do I take my measurements?
    Go to our measurement page,
    please follow the easy instructions, then provide them to us through the Check out or the Contact us page.
  • Are your prices in Canadian or US dollars?                   All our prices are in US dollars. 
  • Do you make men's cashmere coats?
    We have a couple of styles; you can contact us and we can work something out.
  • Can I customize my coat?
    The coat will be made from scratch. Size and length are not an issue.
    You can talk to Rosette, owner and head designer for any special requests and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Requests for specialty coats and styles not in our collection are priced differently and treated on individual basis.
  • Where are your coats made?
    All of our coats are made here in Montreal, Canada by professionals whose expertise is highly valued.
  • Where does your Cashmere fabric come from?
    We use Italian cashmere. Throughout the years we trusted our Italian cashmere because of its high standards and richness.
  • Are the coats warm?
    Our coats withstand our Arctic Canadian winters beautifully. They will provide you with warmth and style as well.
  • What colors do you offer?
    Our standard colors are: Black, Charcoal, Navy, brown and Camel.
  • Are these colors always available?
    Yes, but we advise to order early in order to insure availability.
  • What is your turn around time?
    Approximalely two to three weeks from the time measurements and order for N. America, slightly longer for Europe and overseas. Coats ordered with fur trimming require additional time.
  • Where do you make your furs?
    They are made here in Montreal by our local contractor. Furs are extremly delicate and therefore not guaranteed. They should be properly stored in cold storage put in a canvas and not in a plastic bag.
  • What if the coat does not fit me?
    Making a coat is much more forgiving than making a dress or a suit. It is extremely rare for such an occurrence but if it does happen, we work with you for an easy solution that is satisfactory to you, the client.
    If you still not satisfied and decide to return your coat, you have thirty days to return it, and since the order was custom made from scratch, 15% restocking charge will be made for North American orders. Overseas orders are not refundable.
    We strive to make your cashmere coat according to your specifications to ensure proper fit.
    We will not ship your order until we are satisfied it is absolutely perfect.

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