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Our cashmere coats promote the beauty of each design

Posted on 25 October 2017

Our cashmere coats and capes promote the value and beauty of each design.

I saw someone in one of your cashmere coats……

I cannot count the times that someone called in, emailed and/or chatted with us while using that sentence! Our clients are constantly being stopped and asked about the origin of the beautiful cashmere coat they are wearing. Our clients get a kick out of recounting the story of making their coat.

Throughout history, Word of mouth was the only way to spread a message, an idea. As communication methods evolved, spreading a message became a normal bothersome occurrence through the medium of marketing.

Today, word of mouth is back on top as THE method of verifying the authenticity and worthiness of any product. Honest reviews from clients and users can help prod someone to commit to a purchase.

Our cashmere coats and capes promote the beauty of each design, the amazing dedication to the craft and the value of worthiness associated with owning a luxurious cashmere coat!

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