Making beautiful cashmere coats since 1998.

About Kokino Design Custom Coats

Rosette Lteif designer for Kokino Design cashmere ladies coats.Making fine cashmere coats since 1998.

Hello and welcome to our website.
I, Rosette Lteif, the designer of kokino cashmere coats, want to take just a few minutes of your time to tell you about our company and myself. My journey with fashion design started back in 1992 when I decided to enroll in the fashion design program at LaSalle College in Montreal, Canada. I studied fashion design for three years and graduated with honors. I'm fascinated by the sophistication and style of Armani and humbled by the elegance and humility of Audrey Hepburn. I launched Kokino in 1998, and have participated in several trade shows where I exhibited my designs for wholesalers who welcomed my entry into the market with much enthusiasm. With the progression of E-commerce, there was a natural inclination on my part to enter into the foray and participate in this new market economy to reach a wider audience.

At Kokino Design, we have taken an oath to offer the best designs of high end cashmere coats at the most competitive prices, exclusively offering custom made specialty service to savvy clientele the world over. Part and parcel of the oath we have taken is to establish a trusting relationship with our clientele that lasts beyond the immediate purchase of one of our outerwear designs. Our fabric is imported directly from Italy. We found that Italian cashmere suited our designs best because of its strength, softness, richness and overall fine quality. We offer a range of styles of cashmere coats and capes designed to appeal to client's need as: Practicality, Exclusiveness, Sophistication,
 Luxury and the satisfaction of making a wise investment. 
As to workmanship, we make sure that none of our creations is shipped without being inspected by our designer Rosette Lteif. It is, after all, her reputation that is at stake! We do not cheapen our creations with substandard materials. We have been dealing with our suppliers for many years, they know what we want and what we expect. The same goes for our couturiers, they do the confection right here in Montreal. Only their best work is expected and accepted. It is our hope that you enjoy your visit with us and if you decide to purchase one of our cashmere coats or capes, our hope is that you wear it in good health. We want you not only to look good in it, but also to feel good in it, the best of both worlds.

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