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My cashmere coats are my pride and joy!

Posted on 03 October 2017

Pride and joy, front and center!

We have all felt it, that moment when your offspring, your pride and joy takes to the stage in a school play. The child, nonchalant and carefree, goes through the motions of executing their practiced steps. The parents look on in awe and desperation (perspiration)!

Then you have that kid, that special and talent loaded kid who was born to do this! The one who will grow up to be a great performer in whatever field she or he chooses.

When I began making my cashmere coats and capes, I experienced that awful gut wrenching agony that comes with the fear of a failed performance. Every coat I shipped out became my child heading out to perform on the stage and watched with sweaty anticipation!

Not much has changed in the last 19 years. Perfection itself is now my child heading out to the stage. Every cashmere coat or cape we ship out to our clients must be inspected by me, the parent, before heading out for the performance!

When your child gives that worthy performance, your face will say it all for everyone to see.

A recent client who received her cashmere coat in early September said, and I quote:
” I love it!!! It’s gorgeous and perfect. Never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait until it’s cold.”

If only you can see my smile!

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