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Posted on 21 July 2017

Designer for Cashmere Coats

Chapeau bas to the professionals who put my coats together

Whether we admit it or not, we all enjoy praise and attention. Accolades come in different shapes and forms and correspond with a specific endeavor or accomplishment. We always heap praise on our children to help solidify their character and strengthen their abilities. 

A most meaningful complement also comes from those ladies who put my designs together, the seamstresses that have sewn together hundreds, sometimes thousands of pieces throughout their careers. Just as I savor the authentic air of old Tuscan and French villages and vistas so do I appreciate the work ethics and old world values of my coworkers.
I am in awe of those who persevered from the beginning until they reached their present level of experience and knowledge. When a seamstress tells me how beautiful the coat is and how lovely the fabric feels, I am beside myself with happiness. I am humbled and in awe of their expertise. I constantly strive to master my craft just like they have.

I am fortunate enough to receive praise for my work, truly fortunate. When a client in New York or New Zealand likes my cashmere coat enough to let me know, I am very appreciative of their words and the time they took to contact me. I feel blessed to have made them feel good about their purchase, my mission accomplished.

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