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Cashmere Coats and First Impressions

Posted on 09 August 2017

Camel Cashmere Coat Perfect First Impression

Lasting positive impressions on our cashmere coats.

We’ve all gone through it, first impressions. We do it to others and they to us. In psychology, a first impression is when our brains construct an immediate mental image of another person upon meeting them for the first time, and before any communications take place.

Attire is the cornerstone with which we build an immediate impression. A lady in a beautiful dress, a gentleman in a proper suit, a fashionable teenager or a baby in colorful clothes can garner a positive first impression.

A beautiful cashmere coat, beautifully designed and very well made can leave a lasting positive impression on people. Add genuinely exquisite Italian cashmere and the deal is sealed.

During the colder months of the year, a beautiful cashmere coat is more than a mere conduit of warmth, it is the first sight others will see and upon which judgments are made. A fashionable lady can feel beautiful when wrapped in luxury only a beautiful cashmere coat can provide.

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