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Cashmere coat robe style. Encanto

Cashmere Coat Robe Style | Wrap Around Cashmere Coat




Encanto 999 is a long pure cashmere coat robe style with a shawl collar that immerse you in sheer cashmere luxury. One of our best sellers. Comfort, warmth and style wrapped around you!
This women's cashmere coat closes with a belt that is held by loops on the sides, also by straps from the inside that are attached with a loop. The coat has a slit at the back and If you request, it could also be closed by one or two buttons instead of the belt.

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This coat could also come with fur trim.
Please, click on our category "Cashmere coats with fur trim" in the CATALOG page.

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Flaking a cashmere coat is a team effort between you and us.
You provide us with your exact measurements and we will do the rest.
We use only the finest Italian cashmere for our styles.

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