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The Making of a Cashmere Coat

Posted on 03 September 2017

Custom made cashmere coat.

A made to measure coat might appear to be time consuming and labor intensive, as opposed to buying off the rack. Although the reasoning is logical, the reality is much more sobering.

When buying off the rack, there is no telling if the same coat was bought before or after you bought it. Was it bought by your neighbor, best friend or a coworker? Most people buy apparel from popular locations, different malls.
A made to measure coat is much more forgiving than making a dress or a suit. The process is even made much easier when dealing with our team, a group who has been achieving great successes over the last 20 years of online presence.

The process of acquiring a coat from is as easy as following the simplified instructions found on the measurements page:

Follow instructions for measurements here >>

If more input is needed, a simple phone call to is routed to the owner and head designer, Rosette, for a personalized and direct collaboration. Rosette loves to talk to her clients, past and future. This is one of the founding principles of Kokino cashmere, respect and appreciation of our clients.

A great number of husbands and partners have bought coats from us as gifts for their wives or significant others, an admirable endeavor and a totally original idea, for different occasions. As previously mentioned, the husband is worried about pulling off such a task. Rosette, with her experience, is capable of putting their mind at ease. She explains what is needed, as size information and how to get them.

If the coat is purchased as a surprise gift, a simple way to get her size information is readily available: Using a coat she presently owns to retrieve the information. As explained on the measurements page, the information required can easily be obtained. Size information for coat length and sleeve length can be had with a simple measuring tape.
For the waist size, check the size on one of her skirts. For the bust size check the size on one of her bras.

This has happened countless times and we, the husbands and us have yet to fail! Feedback from husbands indicates that their partners were very impressed by this undertaking, the originality of the idea. Most of all, they were impressed by the end product, their very own, original, exclusive cashmere coat.

Follow instructions for measurements here >>

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